Detailed engineering is the phase of the project when future vessel is built virtually in 3D digital environment in order to provide necessary manufacturing information to produce the final product.

To shorten delivery times our engineering teams always work in concurrent manner when detailed engineering is overlapping with basic design phase. Therefore we are very good in managing of changes in the design while keeping quality and delivery time towards building yard untouched.

Below is the list of typical services we provide during detailed engineering:

  • Final MTO
  • Surface fairing to production quality
  • Shell plate development, bending information
  • 3D model of hull structures
  • 3D model of structural outfitting and foundations
  • Workshop drawings for hull/outfitting/foundations
  • Production Information hull/outfitting/foundations
  • Nesting-cutting information for plates and profiles
  • 3D models and arrangement of equipment
  • 3D model of pipe systems, HVAC, cable traces
  • Arrangement drawings of decks and technical spaces
  • Workshop drawings for piping
  • Production Information piping


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