Design check and basic design are phases of engineering project when main product functions still to be defined, verified thoroughly with Owner requirements and expectations, Class regulations, Suppliers & Co-makers capabilities and aligned with building strategy of the yard.

Working in close cooperation with Damen colleagues our engineering teams are ready to step into the project on early stage. Our specialists have knowledge and skills in naval architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation.

Below is the list of typical services we provide during basic design:

  • Scantling and stability calculations according Class
  • Preliminary 3D model of hull structures for General Construction Plans
  • General Construction Plans (GCP)
  • Arrangement & structural outfitting drawings
  • Pipe system diagrams
  • Electrical system diagrams
  • Preliminary 3D model of equipment and main pipe routing
  • Preliminary 3D model of electrical equipment and cables
  • Arrangement drawings of technical spaces
  • Preliminary MTO
  • Preliminary calculation of weight and COG


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