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The historical city of Santiago is vibrant Cuba's second city after Havana. Over 25 years ago, it also became home to a unique shipyard: Damex.

Since then Damex has completed over 65 new-build vessels and many more repair projects for clients in Cuba and the wider region. Damex was designed from the ground up to handle custom and standardized new builds up to 80 meters. Moreover, the yard is capable of handling repair projects up to 100 meters in length. Through the combined strengths of Dutch shipbuilding knowledge and Cuban craftsmanship Damex has delivered a wide range of vessels from ferries to patrol boats and from tugs to bunker tankers for both national and international customers. As a part of the Damen shipyards group Damex is able to provide high level trained personnel, spare parts, and ship repair and maintenance services to clients in the Caribbean & Central America.

Damex is an important contributor to the Cuban maritime industry and has proven itself time and again as a trustworthy partner for clients in the region who demand locally built vessels according to European quality standards.

Harbour & Terminal

damen azimuth stern drive tug 3212 (preview)

Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs

Damen’s ASD Tugs combine power and manoeuvrability with a safe onboard working environment. Together, tug and crew form an excellent team.

Damen Stan Tug 2608

Stan Tugs

Damen’s Stan Tugs are multi-functional, standardised vessels that can be customised to meet our customers’ exact specifications.

Damen Pushy Cat 1305

Pushy Cats

With clean designs and proven propulsion systems, our Pushy Cat series offers superior manoeuvrability.

The bow shape ensures good seakeeping performance in heavy seas

Stan Pilot

Delivering performance and safety, our Stan Pilots are the ideal vessels for pilotage in harbours and coastal waters.

ATD Tugboat 2412 Twin Fin for harbours, locks and coastal areas.

Azimuth Tractor Drive Tugs

With Rolls-Royce twin rudder propellers our wide range of ATD Tugs demonstrates excellent manoeuvrability, high indirect towing forces and great stability.

Especially designed to work in shallow as well as deeper water

Multi Cats

Our Multi Cat Series is a complete range of multi-purpose workboats built from up-to-date designs with high quality standardised components.

damen stan tender (1)

Stan Tenders

Looking for a multi-purpose workboat to perform harbour and port services? A high-speed Damen Stan Tender will fit the bill.

The Damen Shoalbusters are versatile, multi-purpose vessels for harbour, inland and coastal waters.


Damen Shoalbusters are fit for operations in inland, coastal and harbour waters.



The Pushbuster can operate as a true ATB (Articulated Tug and Barge) unit as well as an independent, multifunctional vessel.

Defence & Security

damen interceptor 1102


Designed for ultra-high-speed patrol duties in all waters, Damen Interceptors can outpace most other vessels.

The Sea Axe hull shape guarantees the best seakeeping performance at high speeds

Stan Patrols

Stan Patrol craft are fully equipped for patrol duties in harbours, coastal waters and offshore. The range is founded on Damen’s Enlarged Ship Concept.

Stan Landers

The Damen Stan Lander range is designed to support all kinds of logistics operations, specifically in areas that have limited facilities for loading/unloading. All Stan Landers are equipped with a large bow ramp providing access to the cargo deck, whether it has cargo, containers, people or fluids. The Stan Lander can be fully customised to your requirements.

Public Transport

damen fast ferry 3609 (preview)

Fast Ferries

We build most of our customisable, fuel-efficient Fast Ferries at our ultra-modern Damen Shipyards Singapore facility.

Coastal car/passenger ferry with 36 kts speed

Fast RoPax Ferries

Damen’s Fast Ropax Ferries are highly efficient and comfortable vessels that comply with all international safety standards including HSC 2000.

RoPax Ferries

Damen RoPax Ferries are an excellent means of waterborne public transport. They ensure safe and efficient journeys for cars, trucks and passengers.

 Damen water buses can be deployed as taxis, sightseeing boats, commuter ferries, for dinner cruises and many other uses

Water Bus

The Damen Water Bus is a ground-breaking public transport concept: It’s highly flexible and yet fully standardised.

Water Taxi

We designed our state-of-the-art, composite Water Taxi for on-demand passenger transport.


Specially designed for sea and river Combi Coaster 2750

Combi Coaster

Our Combi Coaster is ideal for coastal and river operations. It’s fully optimised to maximise fuel efficiency.

The design of the cargo system is the product of advice and input received from experienced operators of our vessels


Damen Tankers are highly flexible vessels, able to transport many different types of cargo.

The nozzles do not protrude below the vessels base line.

Stan Tanker

The Stan Tanker is suitable for both inland shipping as well as for short coastal or inter-island deliveries.


Maximum mixture concentration due to the submersed dredge pump

DOP Dredger

Damen’s DOP Dredger is a dismountable modular dredging system. As such, it’s a highly versatile and adaptable dredger with many options.

damen tshd 650

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

For maintenance dredging duties, we designed our small and medium-sized Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers with numerous options.

The total installed power of 938 kW ensures that all functions on board can work independently and simultaneously

Cutter Suction Dredger

Our wide range of standard stationary Cutter Suction Dredgers are renowned for their durability, power and multiple options.

The DOP Submersible dredge pump is directly powered by a hydraulic motor. This results in a compact design and trouble free operation

DOP Pumps

Versatile dredging tools, our DOP submersible dredge pumps have wear-resistant, hydraulically or electrically driven dredge pumps at their heart.

Pontoons & Barges

Plug-and-play ballast towers make the pontoon multifunctional.

Multi Purpose Pontoon

Multi Purpose Pontoon is a pontoon for submersing heavy loads, RoRo operations and transport in all waters. It’s one of the best and easy to use load-out pontoons, with maximum pump capacity.

The Damen Pipe Laying Barge can lay pipes up to 28 inches in diameter in shallow water between 1.5 and 4 metres deep.

Pipe Lay Barge

The Damen Pipe Laying Barge can lay pipes up to 28 inches in diameter in shallow water between 1.5 and 4 metres deep.


Crane Barge

Our Crane Barge has optimal crane capacity and ample deck space to get the job done. Floating cranes and offshore cranes for wind farm installations or any other applications; you name it, we build it. In addition, all Damen barges can be outfitted with ballast systems, pumps, anchors and other accessories.



Facilities in Damex

Damex is equipped for building new vessels as well as necessary maintenance and repairs to both steel and aluminium vessels. Depending on the type of vessel and the work to be carried out, Damex will choose the most relevant part of the shipyard, with the best facilities for the task at hand. Damex has the capabilities to build vessels up to 80 m and repair those up to 100 m.

If you would like to know if your vessel can be drydocked, please contact Damex for more information.

Slipway A (covered)

Our covered production facility is used for newbuilding as well repair works which need to be executed in a covered area. The shed is equipped with all necessary installations. In the lower part, we have our main workshops which feature a wide range of equipment. With a maximum vessel length of 60 m and a weight limit of 800 T we are able to drydock a significant variety of vessels.

We have one slipway dedicated to the repair and maintenance of vessels up to 400T and a maximum length of 60 metres.
Max vessel length: 60 m
Max vessel width: 13 m
Length shed: 60 m
Width shed: 16 m (high production area)
Maximum vessel weight: 800 T
Workshops: 1800 m2

Slipway B

Damex Facility: Slipway B

This is the core area of the yard. Next to the slipway is a paved area of approximately. 5000 m2, allowing the preparation of all necessary newbuild and repair works. As an example, we are able to build several blocks simultaneously so we only have to connect them on the slipway.

Outfitting Quays

With our two quays and floating jetty we have the possibility to moor a variety of vessels.
The quay on the west side has a paved area of approximately 5000 m2, well suited for the construction of Barges, Stan Landers, Stan Tankers and similar types of vessel. The blocks can be built simultaneously on the paved area and connected at the quay using one of our cranes. With our side launching system we are able to launch vessels up to 80 m. Besides newbuilding, the quay is suitable for floating repairs of vessels up to 100 m.
The quay on the east side is located between the 2 slipways and equipped with a 48 m floating jetty. The overall length of the quay itself is 70 m.

Facilities in Damex Outfitting quay
Quay west
Length: 80 m
Quay 2 (east)
Length quay: 70 m
Length floating jetty: 48 m


Supply of spare parts and equipment

General Services

Our general services consist of newbuilding, engineering, designing and the delivery of spare parts and equipment. With the support of the main office of Damen Shipyards in The Netherlands, we are able to supply our customers with any kind of equipment, parts and specialist labour.

We offer any kind of repair services.

Repair Services

We offer any kind of repair services from general repairs such as paintings and shaft alignment to modifications of hydraulic or electrical systems. Our well-trained and experienced workforce can carry out any repair ranging from minor steel and aluminium repairs to mayor conversions and rehabilitations. We have in-house engineering capacity to design any kind of modification. With our experience we are even able to service yachts.


We act as a license holder and an after-sales service location for Damen Shipyards Holland.

History of Damex

Established in January 1995, Damex Shipbuilding & Engineering is a self-sustaining organisation where all the necessary shipbuilding skills are readily available. We act as a license holder and an after-sales service location for Damen Shipyards Holland.

Damex wants to be an attractive company for people to work for and to work with.

How we work

Damex wants to be an attractive company for people to work for and to work with. Together, we aim to create a secure working environment that values entrepreneurship.

Since 1995 Damex has delivered 55 new vessels and we have repaired, serviced, modified and converted countless vessels.

Key Figures

Since 1995 Damex has delivered 55 new vessels and we have repaired, serviced, modified and converted countless vessels. Our customers can count on the best quality, proven designs, short delivery time, low maintenance and excellent resale value.

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