DAMEN & Wilson Sons Consortium

The purpose of this website is not only to announce our decision that together through a consortium, we will participate in the future tenders announced by the Brazilian Navy. In addition demonstrating our operational capacity and the success story of Damen and Wilson Sons, based on collaboration for over 25 years.




Antarctic Support Ship, with capacity to operate in the Antarctic region and to logistically support the Brazilian Antarctic Program.

Hydroceanographic Vessels


Hydroceanographic Vessels, capable of operating in the Atlantic Ocean and acting as platforms for environmental data collection in situ and onboard laboratories.

Search and Rescue Vessels

SAR Vessels

Search and Rescue Vessels, with all weather capability to operate around the Brazilian coast.


Collaboration for over 25 years

Collaboration for over 25 years

The cooperation started through a bidding process for the Brazilian Navy, in the 90's, which resulted in the construction of 10 buoy-handling vessels. Later, with the success of this undertaking, we started the construction of tugboats for Wilson Sons itself. Our vessels Hércules and Atlas, which are still in operation today in Rio de Janeiro and Itajaí, respectively.
From then on, we evolved into the offshore vessel market, building Platform Supply Vessels, Oil Spill Recovery Vessels, Offshore Support Vessels with ROV’s; And the vessels planned by the Brazilian Navy are the next step in our portfolio curve.


NApAnt of the Brazilian Navy | mdb.damen.com

Wilson Sons and Damen Jointly bid for Brazilian Antarctic Support Vessel

15 September 2020

Wilson Sons and Damen announce partnership in the bidding for the construction of the new Antarctic Support Ship (NApAnt) of the Brazilian Navy, which will replace the Oceanographic Support Vessel Ary Rongel. Bids must be submitted by the end of this year and final announcement of the winner in mid-2021.


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