Damen Shipyards Kozle

Damen Shipyards Koźle specialises in building both standard and custom vessels up to 110 metres in length. The yard’s scope covers the construction and completion of a wide range of vessels including high speed craft, aluminium patrol boats, cutter suction dredgers, modular vessels, inland tankers, pontoons and both diesel and electric ferries.

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The yard, then known as Kozielska Stocznia Rzeczna opened in the 1970s, in an area known for inland shipbuilding. Undergoing a series of transitions in the 1990s, the yard became Stocznia Koźle Serwis in 1996. In October 2006, the yard entered the Damen Shipyards Group and became Damen Shipyards Kozle.


damen ferry 2306 e3 side view

Damen Ferry

The Damen Ferry range is designed for public transport on inland waterways.

The heavy duty 120 kN side wire winches ensure efficient dredging operations at every location

Cutter Suction Dredger

Our wide range of standard stationary Cutter Suction Dredgers are renowned for their durability, power and multiple options.

damen fcs 4208 preview

Fast Crew Supplier

Purpose-built for the transport of crew or material, quickly and safely in rivers, harbours, coastal waters and offshore, the distinctive Damen Fast Crew Suppliers.

Damen Shipyards Kozle: damen mmc 1205

Modular Multi Cat

The Damen Modular Multi Cat is specially designed for pushing, towing, supplying and craning operations.

The Damen Shoalbusters are versatile, multi-purpose vessels for harbour, inland and coastal waters.

Utility Vessel

Damen’s heavy duty workboats and offshore vessels are fit for operations in inland, coastal and harbour waters.

This patrol boat is derived from a Damen crew boat, of which around hundred are in service

Stan Patrol

Stan Patrol craft are fully equipped for patrol duties in harbours, coastal waters and offshore. The range is founded on Damen’s Enlarged Ship Concept.


Prefabrication hall B-100

dsko prefabrication hall b-100
Total area 1.650 m2
Workshops Steel cutting
Steel bending
Steel prefabrication
Pipe bending and prefabrication
Machines 2 dry plasma cutting machines
1 oxygen cutting machine
1 CNC pipe bending machines
Bending rollers, automatic saw
The hall is connected with the blasting hall with shotblasting and primering vertical machine, capable of painting the plates of 2.500 x 12.000 mm

Assembly hall B-200

dsko assembly hall b-200
Total area 10,000 m2
Workshop height 14 metres
Effective workshop width 55 metres
Effective building bed length 110 metres
Max section size L=10 metres W=9.5 metres H=4.8 metres
Number of gantry cranes 6
Gantry crane capacity 4 x 12.5 tons, 2 x 25 tons

Transverse slipway and shifter

The tandem shifter and slipway allow both the launchings and removal of the vessel from the water for repairs.

dsko slipway
dsko shifter
Length 72 metres
9.5 metres
Capacity 300 tons

Quality standards

The shipyard is compliant with: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Kozle: ISO 9001:2015

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Download our latest certificate ISO 9001:2015

Kozle: ISO 14001:2015

Certificate ISO 14001:2015

Download our latest certificate ISO 14001:2015

Kozle: ISO 45001:2018

Certificate ISO 45001:2018

Download our latest certificate ISO 45001:2018

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Visiting Address:

ul. Stoczniowców 2


Phone: +48 (77) 482 59 14


ul. Stoczniowców 2


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