Damen is committed to a safe and healthy workplace, everyday, everywhere. Our industry is very dynamic. On the floor we have people welding, lifting, painting, installing, building and cleaning all at the same time. The combination of these activities demands the active implementation of comprehensive HSE policies. It protects our employees and minimises the impact of our ecological footprint.

Legislation and risk management

We operate globally and every country has their own legislation. As a minimum all Damen Shiprepair Yards comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries of operation. Furthermore all Damen Shiprepair Yards are obliged to maintain the repair groups HSE standards. In this way our clients are ensured they will always be in a safe and controlled working environment whichever Damen yard they end up. We strive to mitigate the impact of any foreseeable or unforeseeable hazards, which may endanger health, safety and environment. We achieve this through risk assessments, individual trainings and evaluations and a lessons learned system.

Protective management

The Damen management teams have an active role in protecting employees, assets and the environment in accordance with our policy. They make sure that the prevention of injuries, illnesses and pollution are made a priority during projects. We maintain our management systems to ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001. Almost every Damen Ship repair yard is equipped with a professional fire brigade, including a professional fire engine and oxygen rescue team.


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