Damen Shipyards Gdynia

Damen Shipyards Gdynia S.A. specializes in building vessels designed to the clients, individual wishes and requirements. The Company also offers a wide range of standard vessels designed by Damen Shipyards Group members. The Company specializes in vessels up to 900 tons.

Damen Shipyards Gdynia offers designs and newbuildings of following types of vessels:

  • partly outfitted hulls of mega yachts
  • harbour, coastal and seagoing tugs (also with azimuth propulsion)
  • fast rescue boats and pilot boats
  • environmental and pollution fighting vessels
  • hydrograph survey (research) vessels
  • buoy-laying vessels
  • yacht support


Hulls and superstructures of DY superyachts

Hulls and superstructures of DY superyachts

damen azimuth stern drive tug 3212 (preview)

Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs

Damen’s ASD Tugs combine power and manoeuvrability with a safe onboard working environment. Together, tug and crew form an excellent team.

The Sea Axe hull shape guarantees the best seakeeping performance at high speeds

Stan Patrols

Stan Patrol craft are fully equipped for patrol duties in harbours, coastal waters and offshore. The range is founded on Damen’s Enlarged Ship Concept.

damen stan tender (1)

Stan Tenders

Looking for a multi-purpose workboat to perform harbour and port services? A high-speed Damen Stan Tender will fit the bill.

The enormous experience of KNRM and top hydrodynamic research from Delft University were used in the development of this design

Search & Rescue

The award-winning SAR 1906 is a revolutionary new Search & Rescue vessel developed with KNRM, Delft University of Technology, TNO, MARIN and De Vries Lentsch.


Our vision

Damen Shipyards Gdynia Investment Plan assumes execution of complete vessels 'under the roof', which guarantees high quality and improves the working conditions of shipyard workers.

Damen Shipyards Gdynia Investment Plan assumes execution of complete vessels "under the roof", which guarantees high quality and improves the working conditions of shipyard workers.

The first assembling hall was built in 2003. On 14.04.2015 Allcon handed-over third assembling hall, which can be also used as an outfitting hall. It is equipped with three 15-ton cranes and trestle bridge for section transportation. In following years, we plan to construct one more hall – assembling hall 2, which finally moves the entire production into enclosed area.

Assembling Hall 1

Length: 72,2 meters; Breadth: 18,8 meters; Height: 21,5 meters
Length 83.6 m
22.7 m
Height 23.4 m
Number of cranes 3
Crane capacity one crane 5 ton and two other 3.2 ton each

Assembling Hall 4

Length: 64 meters; Breadth: 17 meters; Height: 23,8 meters
Length 64.2 m
17 m
Height 23.8 m
Number of cranes 2
Crane capacity 32 tons each

Assembling Hall 3

Length 84 m
22.4 m
24 m
Number of cranes 3
Crane capacity 15 tons each


Safe mooring length: 95 meters
Safe mooring length 95 m
10 m


We have two different sheds specialised in various disciplines. The disciplines include:

We have two different sheds specialised in various disciplines.
Piping and small steel works

Quality Standard

Certificate ISO- to part quality standards

Certificate ISO

We realize Quality Policy implementing the Quality Managing System, which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The system is constantly improved, as the required technical and organizing actions are implementing. Management Board, managers and all employees are responsible for Quality Policy realization. Performing their tasks properly, they contribute into the Quality Policy realization.

Damen Shipyards Gdynia Management takes the responsibility for realizing all quality commitments.

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Communication with shareholders


Gdynia, 2021-01-04 and 01-12


In connection with the act of August 30, 2019 amending the Code of Commercial Companies and some other acts (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1798), hereinafter referred to as the "Act", Damen Shipyards Gdynia S.A. (hereinafter as: " Company ”), informs the shareholders that compulsory dematerialization of the Company shares is implemented in the Polish legal order which means shares in the paper form are to be substituted with an record in the electronic shares register run by the entity referred to in Art. 3281 § 2 of the Commercial Companies Code in the wording as per established act.

Pursuant to the introduced changes, the validity of the applicable share documents issued by the Company expires by the law on 1 March 2021. After this date, the shares will not be a document confirming the shareholder status, but only a documentary evidence necessary to update the electronic register of the shareholders. However, after March 1, 2026, the protection of membership rights will be lost by shareholders whose share certificates have not been submitted to the company and have not been entered in the electronic register of shareholders.

In connection with the above changes, the Management Board of the Company calls on all shareholders to submit share documents no later than to 16 February 2020 at the registered office of the Company: 1 Indyjska Street, 81-336 Gdynia, Poland, so that they can be converted into an electronic record. The submission of share documents in the Company takes place with a written confirmation issued to the shareholder.

More information on the dematerialization of shares can be obtained by calling: +58 58 622 14 10.

In the name of Damen Shipyards Gdynia S.A.: Andrzej Denz, Managing Director, one person Board of Directors


W związku z wejściem w życie ustawy z dnia 30 sierpnia 2019 r. o zmianie ustawy Kodeks spółek handlowych oraz niektórych innych ustaw (Dz.U. z 2019 r., poz. 1798), dalej jako „Ustawa”, Damen Shipyards Gdynia S.A. (dalej jako: „Spółka”), informuje akcjonariuszy o wprowadzeniu do polskiego porządku prawnego obowiązkowej dematerializacji akcji spółek, która oznacza zastąpienie papierowej formy akcji zapisem elektronicznym w rejestrze akcjonariuszy prowadzonym przez podmiot, o którym mowa w art. 3281 § 2 Kodeksu spółek handlowych w brzmieniu określonym Ustawą.

Zgodnie z wprowadzonymi zmianami moc obowiązujących dokumentów akcji wydanych przez Spółkę wygasa z mocy prawa z dniem 1 marca 2021 r. Po tym dniu akcje nie będą dokumentem potwierdzającym status akcjonariusza, lecz wyłącznie dokumentem dowodowym, niezbędnym do aktualizacji elektronicznego rejestru akcjonariuszy. Natomiast po dniu 1 marca 2026 r. nastąpi utrata ochrony praw członkowskich przez akcjonariuszy, których dokumenty akcji nie zostały złożone w spółce i nie zostały ujęte w elektronicznym rejestrze akcjonariuszy.

W związku z powyższymi zmianami, zarząd Spółki wzywa wszystkich akcjonariuszy do złożenia dokumentów akcji najpóźniej do dnia 16 lutego 2021 r. w siedzibie Spółki: ul. Indyjska 1, 81-226 Gdynia, tak by mogły być przekształcone w formę zapisu elektronicznego. Złożenie dokumentów akcji w Spółce odbywa się za pisemnym potwierdzeniem wydanym akcjonariuszowi.

Więcej informacji w sprawie dematerializacji akcji można uzyskać pod numerem telefonu: +48 58 622 14 10.

W imieniu Damen Shipyards Gdynia S.A.: Andrzej Denz, dyrektor naczelny, jednoosobowy zarząd spółki.

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1st Indyjska Str.
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