The Professional Training Centre – a career springboard for the young people of Galati

Like most yards, Damen Shipyards Galaţi has felt the impact of economic pressures over the past few years. However, Damen has invested in training, human resources management and optimized production processes as well as introducing a strategy of controlled growth to steadily rebuild its workforce.

Back in 2007, Damen Shipyards Galati opened its own training center, certified by the Romanian Ministry of Education. To date, about 2,000 young people have been trained in various occupations such as welding, steel fitting and pipe fitting. The welding teams of Damen Galati won the gold medals in 2016 and 2018 at the Arc Cup International Welding Competition in China. Their outstanding performance is a clear demonstration of their commitment to quality and a testimony to the rich shipbuilding heritage of Galati, which has some of the best welding specialists in the world.

By maintaining a strong focus on performance and demonstrating dedication to craftsmanship true to its heritage, Damen Shipyards Galaţi has achieved controlled growth and profitability.


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