We marked another memorable moment in the Damen Shipyard Galati tabs - November 3, 2018. On that day, Damen Shipyard Galati responded to the challenge to participate and finance the afforestation project - Plantam fapte bune in Romania - a project launched by the EccoAssit Association. The action consisted in planting a future forest in the county Cuza Voda.

Damen's volunteers had a delineated plot, the lines being marked distinctly, with the tools, saplings, gloves and water. Initially, each volunteer had to plant 20 seedlings, the final number reaching about 60 seedlings per person.

After this wonderful experience, the volunteers shared the pride of leaving behind rows of trees and helping to restore the flooded land in the county Cuza Voda.

Next to the employees of the yard joined the children of the Inima de Copil Foundation, the children of the Familia Foundation and a group of students studying at the "Sfanta Maria" Theoretical High School who were directed by the Maria Călin history teacher.

After this wonderful experience, volunteers expressed their desire to participate in other similar activities.

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility


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