On 1-st of October, a group of volunteers from Damen Galați participated to the International Eldery Day, the fourth edition of National Campaign Flowers for the soul, an initiative aimed to draw attention on the risk of elderly people social seclusion.

Social Responsibility

Every year the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation get together communities from all over the country to support elderly people. This year the Foundation’s volunteers, supporters and partners have been present in 27 cities to offer elderly people flowers and a kind thought as a sign of appreciating their value and experience.

Damen volunteers offered the elderly from Galați Rest House flowers and cards as well as warm wishes and hugs. A simple and nice act yet bringing much joy into the elderly’s hearts.

The actions performed on the International Elderly Day are part of "Never alone" program carried out by The Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation with the purpose to improve life conditions of eldery over 65, facing the risk of social isolation, loneliness and poverty. The initiative Flowers for the soul in România comes after the worldwide campaign of the Federation and Association "Les petits frères des Pauvres", our country joining thus other countries such as France, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Canada and USA in fighting social isolation of the elderly.

At national level, the messengers of The Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation reached more than 6000 eldery people from București and Alba, Argeș, Bihor, Bistrița-Năsăud, Brașov, Brăila, Caraș Severin, Cluj, Constanța, Covasna, Dolj, Galați, Gorj, Ilfov, Mehedinți, Mureș, Olt, Pitești, Prahova, Teleorman, Timiș, Vâlcea counties. Flowers were offered in parks and public spaces, residential centers for the elderly, Romanian Post offices, medical offices, daily inter-generational centers, partners of The Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation.

As for Galați county, Damen volunteers will continue this project with other similar actions.


Corina Pirvu, Engineer PR office

"The visit to the Elderly's Hostel, together my colleagues/mates, was impressive. Initially, I hesitated to go, but I continued because the action was part of the specific activities to my job, but I was also curious.

I took part from a meeting with the elders, whom I found living in good condition. Impressions were strong. The old age implies a state of physical degradation that can not be dissimulated, and that profoundly marked me, because I also feel how youthfulness flows through my fingers.

Many of the elderly thanked us for flowers and hugged us, others could not get out of bed, and I'm afraid the days were being counted. An aura of sadness floated all over, that was the feeling I left with.

Let God have us all guarded and keep our lives down without much suffering!"

Daniela Tiuhuniuc, Project Controller

"The contribution as a volunteer at the Campaign "Flowers for the Soul" was an opportunity to become aware of the simplistic way in which we can enjoy the serenity and the elderly's balance of the life's pressures. I was surprised by their receptivity and openness and their desire to spend more time with volunteers. The harmonious ordering of the modest things in their chambers translated me into an oasis of tranquility, far away from the contemporary chaos specific to XXI century.

The short time spent with the elderly turned out to be inversely proportional to the degree of energy load transmitted by them, all of which result in motivational impulses for the future and the immensurable possibilities of making small facts with low resources.

Undoubtedly, I would repeat the volunteering. I believe that these actions transcended the daily routine, leading to particular experiences and indispensable to existence in a democratic society."

Valentin Mandea, Accountant

"I had the privilege of being a volunteer in the "Flowers for the Soul" campaign organized by our company in collaboration with the Foundation Principesa Margareta, which took place at the Galati Rest House.

The efforts were not and can not be too great when you have the opportunity to enjoy them giving a flower and an advice. Those people are elderly, sickly, often lonely, a lot of problems, fears.

We all have close elderly people, we all live with them, and we try to make their lives a little nicer, to smooth out their asperities and the deep traces left by the passing of life.

I saw tears on everyone's cheek when I offered them a flower and asked them how they feel. Tears also rolled on our cheeks, the emotion being the same also for us. Thinking about the fact that we will also be elderly helped us to be on the same wavelength, to be near with them both physically and with the soul. I wish to do a lot for them, to turn them back at least the help, love and care they gave us when we were little."

Elena Daniela Isaia, Secretary

"Honestly speaking, it is difficult for me to place in time the action of the Princess Margaret organization, to which Damen Galati was a volunteer partner. That is because we can more often actions like this. Every person has a lower or greater dose of kindness.

I am sure that any one of us wanted at one point to share this kind of goodness and when the Elderly Action took place, I was glad to do this with some colleagues. I tell you that any gesture of kindness and beauty that we do DESERVE!

It's a pleasure to see on the face of the people next to you that unique expression of joy! It is a fulfillment for the souls of the one who offers, but especially the one who needs your kindness!

Be good so often you can!"


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