Social Responsibility

By the age of 3, Bianca Maria was a healthy baby. But all was changed when she was cold and suffered a convulsion that lasted over 30 minutes.The diagnosic was spastic tetraparesis and post-coma diffuse cortical atrophy. At this moment, she is only receptive to the sounds she hear and watches only when she detects a movement. Her illness is healing, but requires expensive treatments and therapies.

Aware of the gravity of the situation and the reality that any of us or our close relatives may be in Bianca's situation, On Sunday, October 21, Damen's volunteers took part in the charity event which was organised in the Public Garden, an event that consisted in cross over a distance of 10 kilometers. The objective was reached when the smile was seen on the faces of Bianca's parents.

The volunteering team is in continuous expansion. We are waiting for you to join us. Together we can bring smiles back to the faces of the people who need us!


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