Semi-marathon participants

Sport influences our lifestyle, our health and personality. Damen volunteers were presented this weekend, responding to the call launched by the organizers of such a big event with a great tradition in our city. This kind of event was designed to develop philanthropy and involve the community in promoting movement and a healthy lifestyle.

Galati Community Foundation in partnership with Galati City Hall ans UVSAR, organized on 2nd June the 6th edition of the event Semimaraton Galati. The start was given in the early hours of the morning, in the Propeller park, a park with great significance for the Galatian navalists. Trying to support health and the community, colleagues from Marine Engineering Galati joined our team. The participants ran for several reasons: Green Town, Hope Autism, the Race for children with special needs were just a few of them.

The slogan "Be the Reason for Someone Smiles Today!" accompanied the participants in the competition. They enjoyed the sunny wather, the spectacular atmosphere and promoted sports. But also they shared this experience and enjoyed the time spared together colleagues from MEGA and all other participants.


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