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Projects 2019


dsga social support project children and their needs

Partner: Fundatia "Cuvantul Intrupat"
Beneficiaries: children
Location: Galati
Launch Year: 2019
Budget: 10.967,18 leii

Which is the real issue?

Poverty, needs, courage and the desire to have a better life are some of the common causes of school dropout. In Galati are several Daily Centers, where children who live in poor neighborhoods, go to do their homework, being guided by some educators and volunteers. Fundatia "Cuvantul Intrupat" is the center that receives children from the neighborhoods of Damen Shipyards Galati. There, the children benefit from homework help, hygiene lessons, shower and food, for some of them the meal served there being the only one.

The solution we found:

Thus, Damen Shipyards Galati also supports this foundation, such as the other foundations from the city. In order to provide them a better environment, Damen Shipyards Galati purchased for the children of the center, numerous supplies, kitchen furniture and sports articles such as: rollers, soccer balls, tennis paddles, scooters.

Which are the results?

  • Now, the center has a more equipped kitchen, where the chefs have all the necessary utensils for preparing the meals.
  • Children can spend their free time doing various sports activities.
  • 40 children benefits from school suplliers.

Projects 2018


Social Responsibility

Partner: Primaria Municipiului Galati
Beneficiaries: community
Location: Galati
Launch Year: 2018
Budget: 619.420,00 lei

Which is the really issue?

Galati city, the eighth city in the country as a number of inhabitants, is one of the largest economic centers in Romania. There are 340.002 population. Most people choose to spend their spare time in parks to inspire fresh air and to put in order their thoughts. Because Galati is a big city, it has many undeveloped spaces, as well as many parks for children that need to be upgraded.

The solution we found:

Children and their needs are important to us. We want for them and their families to spend their spare time together in safe and modern environments. Our goal is to help community to participate in play, regardless of age or ability, and to prove that play has no limit.

For this purpose, Damen Shipyards Galati sponsored the rehabilitation of two playgrounds:

  • Micro 17, bl. K3, str. Argeşului
  • Mazepa 1, str. Roşiori nr. 20, bl. G4 Paltin

The "Propeller Monument" is a symbol of the Galatian navalists, Damen Shipyard Galati is also involved in the modernization and maintenance project of this tourist area.

Which are the results?

  • City modernization


Projects: "Continue to improve access to education for the children who live in underprivileged backgrounds"

"One village, one child - special scholarships awarded for the children's education, children with very good results who are from disadvantaged families"

Partner: Fundatia Inima de Copil
Beneficiaries: Children who live in underprivileged backgrounds
Location: Galati, Pechea, Tecuci
Launch Year: 2018
Budget: 320.000 lei

Which is the real issue?

Galati is one of the counties with a high rate abandonment school and low possibilities in high quality education for the poor children. It has also a big number of unemployment and many families who have law incomes.

According to official statistics and UNICEF, 19% of Romanian children drop out of school before the end of the 8th grade. The situation is more difficult in the southern and eastern counties of Romania. 23.000 children haven't any conditions in their own family and now they are in children shelter.

The solution we found:

Fundația Inima de Copil has developed a project that provides these issues. In 2015-2016 the project was one of the finalist projects at Gala "People for People". In 2018 they intend to continue identifying and supporting children with a highest vulnerability from schools / villages / areas to the limit of cities where there is a high risk of school and family abandonment. The foundation also want to support the children from the villages who have exceptional performances.

The goals are:

  • 60 children in centers after-school
  • 50 children from Galati County with exceptional results supported with special monthly scholarships and extension of the children's program from Braila, Vaslui, Tulcea
  • summer camps for 80 children

Which are the results?

  • At this moment 21 children benefit from the activities and support of the Galati Center, 25 children benefit from Pechea Center and 20 children benefit from the program After School from Tecuci
  • The program One village, one child in the period January-September had 40 beneficiaries from Galati county


Social Responsibility

Partner: Caminul pentru persoane varstnice "Stefan cel mare si Sfant"
Beneficiaries: elderly
Location: Galati
Launch Year: 2018
Budget: 7.132,47 lei

Which is the real issue?

The equality of chances, eliminating the discrimination and social marginalization, freedom of choice, independence and individuality, confidentiality and human dignity - these are a few difficulties for the elderly. The Hostel For Elderly People "STEFAN CEL MARE SI SFANT" aims to promote the quality of life and the interests of the beneficiaries and aims to create the conditions for a dignified and secure life for the elderly with respect for fundamental rights. We help them anytime we can.

The solution we found:

Because their comfort matters, we helped them with valuable goods in order to modernize the hostel.

Which are the results?

  • The hostel has at this moment material goods necessary for elderly's comfort and well-being, goods like: televisions; metal beds and bunk beds; bed linens composed of pillows, pillowcases, sheets.


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