Our second vision and dream is to help children to build a better future and a good career. The world is changing at an ever quickening rate, which means that a lot of knowledge becomes obsolete and inaccurate more quickly. If you also support education and want to bring something innovative, we are waiting for your proposals.

Projects 2020


Partner: Naval Architects Association
Beneficiaries: students
Location: Galati
Release year: 2020
Budget: 6.000 Euro

Which is the real issue?

Students need to develop a useful range of soft skills, not only discuss technical issues and theoretical concepts. Practice matters the most at the time of employment. Also, without putting knowledge into practice, the majority of students probably will not know if they are made for the kind of job they have selected.

The solution we found:

Ship Design Exercise started as the only specialized competition for the undergraduate students of th Dunarea de Jos University in Galati, now it has gone international. The principal idea of this contest is to challenge students to produce practical designs following a proposed theme in a complex real-life scenario.

The theme of this year`s contest is – floating house. Being in the third edition, the aim is to promote the ideas of exploring green solutions for raising awareness of environmental sustainability.

Initially, there were ten teams participating, but only six of them qualified for the final step. This year, two teams were from Poland. Every team was tried by a jury composed of the representatives of the sponsor’s company, organizers, professors of Naval Architecture from Galati and from the Technical University of Gdansk.

Judging criteria:

  • Responsible design,
  • Sustainable solutions,
  • Innovation,
  • Green energy,
  • Project management,
  • Teamwork,
  • Commercial awareness.

Which are the results?

  • First place: DAO Innovation - from Romania - the prize worth 2000 Euro
  • Second place: Baltique - from Polonia - the prize worth 1500 Euro
  • Third place: Nautilus - from Romania - the prize worth 1000 euro


dsga support stiintescu grant

Partner: Fundatia Comunitara Galati
Beneficiaries: students
Location: Galati
Launch year: 2020
Budget: 27.594,00 lei

Which is the real issue?

Every revolution or discovery that has changed a generation, the way we see or function, it was based on a research or a scientific process. Thus, Fundatia Comunitara Galati organizes this year the 2nd edition of the national project Stiintescu.

The solution we found:

The implementation of the second edition, giving each sponsor the possibility of being actively involved in two of the ten projects registered.

Irina Serban Atanasiu – Grant Project Manager spoke about the collaboration with Damen Shipyards Galati. "Initially, the implementation of this program would not have been possible without our local partner, who has been supporting us since the first edition, Damen Shipyards Galati. Together, we share the same vision about Galati, we want to develop the community and the interest of young people towards technology and industry. We are talking about a partnership and a long-term investment in STEAM education, which equips children with critical, exploratory thinking. Damen has been in Galati for over 20 years and is a fine observer of changing the labor market, as well as the training of professionals in the field. We live in a future STEAM, and future jobs will be even more STEAM and we need to work together."

Winning projects:

  • Nature in the laboratory
  • Manufacture
  • Abricasa
  • Smart Habitat
  • Scientific Club CNMK
  • Tanning the sciences
  • OZOFUN in my school
  • 3D Honey
  • RadaStiintescu Univers
  • Tecuci, a message from the future

Of the 10 intitiatives, Damen Shipyards Galati offers its affective support in the projects: Abricasa and Manufacture. The Manufacture Project is guided by the construction of hi-tech toys with the help of 3D printer and the implementation of technology workshops, while Abricasa is consolidating on DIY activities by constructing feeding boxes for birds, pyrogravure, ornithology.

Which are the results?

  • Re-energizing STEAM education
  • Practice critical thinking and teamwork
  • Encourage children to find out the ultimate meaning of science
  • Community movement
  • Developing the community, as well as the interest of young people towards technology and industry
  • The relationship`s improvement between teacher and student

Projects 2019


ShipDx 2019 Competition

ShipDX (Ship Design Exercise) is the first specialized competition for the undergraduate students of “ Dunarea de Jos University” from Galati.

The main driver behind organizing this competition is to challenge students to come up with a practical design following a proposed theme and a complex, real life scenario. Together with university professors we identified the need for students to develop their technical skills as well as test their teamwork and creativity skills when faced with the challenge of designing a product rather than discussing theoretical concepts.

The purpose of ShipDX2019 is to introduce students to the basics of ship design, as well as expose them to the concept of scale model and forward resistance measurements through towing tank tests, using the Faculty of Naval Architecture`s towing tank. Students will be required to design, build a scale model and measure, the forward resistance of their vessel concept. The model which will record the lowest forward resistance in calm water will win the competition.

The competition theme from this year is – fishing vessel concept. The idea of this concept belongs to GLO MARINE. Damen Shipyard Galati sponsored this project with the amount of 3.000 Euro that represented total prize value.


The international finals of the contest First Lego League Junior

Partner: Robotic club Sophia Science, Team Apollo 18
Beneficiaries: children
Location: Detroit, USA
Release year: 2019
Budget: 7.133,70 RON

Which is the real issue?

Robots are just vehicles used by children and young people to learn the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and to develop life skills. In our local community are not many robotics teams of children under 10 years old who can achieve quality projects and can honor Romania at international competitions. Economic funds represent for them the biggest problem they encounter in their participation in the competition.

The solution we found:

Sophia Science robotic teams have shown that the children from our area are intelligent, eager and capable of directing their abilities in a future field. The team Apollo 18, composed by children under 10 years old, won the 1st prize at the National Lego League Junior Competition. They have qualified at the international stage of the competition that took place this year in Detroit, USA.

Damen Shipyards Galati has provided financial support to cover the costs of transports and acoommodation of the team.

The results

  • The team Apollo 18 was awarded for teamwork and teamspirit and received the Cooperative Poster Award.
  • Two of the team members were selected to present their age category at the Gala of the competition, held at the Ford Field stadium.


Damen Shipyard Galati and Arcelor Mittal Galati continue to support performance in education

For the fifth consecutive year, the two main pillars of the local economy awarded the students from our conuty who obtained remarkable results to the teaching. Those who occupyed the first three places of national school Olympiads and members of the national batches were rewarded at a ceremony held at the Musical Theater „ Nae Leonard” on 11th June. After the ceremony, together with their teachers and guests, they attended a musical show. The play „ The sound of music” was put on stage for them. The prizes offered are the highest of this type in Romania.

The action is, along with many others, part of our social responsibility prgram, and reflects our interest for education and human resources. This years` results surprised us. The diversity of award winning disciplines urges us to not stop this tradition. In the same time, we are proud of those children who represent the future.


Social Responsibility

"Theater is where the show happens." – Marius Manole (actor).

Theatre is a living art which involves a conversion of feelings that go beyond the present moment and introduce the spectators to the sphere of imagination. Theatre is played for the audience, not for those who are on stage.

Damen Shipyards Galati celebrated together many children affiliated to Fundatia Familia, Fundatia Inima de Copil and other centers, the art of the beauty. Supported by "Fani Tardini" dramatical theatre and theatre Guliver, the yard launched an invitation to the theatre, thus promoting one of the defining elements of the company – education. Both children and adults have stepped the thresold of the Dramatical Theatre, keeping their childhood forever. Two operas were played for them.

"Nothing can enjoy us more than the innocent smiles on the children`s faces. The pleasure was even greater when we found that for the majority of them were the first time when they watched a play. Also when the thanks came from the teenagers who prepare for the National Evaluation. The comedy "A lost letter" written by I.L. Caragiale helped them to understand better the opera. Damen Shipyards Galati encourage the alternative methods of education, also the theater. We want that this kind of invitation to become more and more popular among young people." – Alina Ghica – Social Projects Coordonator of Damen Shipyards Galati.


Partner: Asociatia Internationala a Studentilor din Economie si Management (AIESEC)
Beneficiaries: students
Location: Galaţi
Launch Year: 2019
Budget: 7.615,00 Ron

Which is the real issue?

Skills like emotional intelligence, cross-cultural competency, critical thinking, and creativity are some of the gaps in the local educational system.  Lack of support in this respect results to significant unemployment. 

The solution we found:

Together with AIESEC, the solution  we propose is a 4-year plan dedicated to students in order to support their healthy evolution, to learn them how to use certain abilities to their own benefit and how to inspire people around them. The overall impact is changing our society generation by generation.

Shape is a project that aims to complement our traditional education system. Nowadays, Romanian students are offered with solid, yet theoretical knowledge. Therefore, this project aims to complement the traditional educational system, creating a more holistic educational experience for young people. The project is designed to be a tool for high-school students to define their behaviors and beliefs that can guide them to a successful path towards their future career. 

Discover is a project that aims to lead the Romanian children, from 6 to 15 year old, through a journey that complements traditional education. For this, some international volunteers deliver sessions that will develop soft skills such as ways of understanding themselves, the capacity to find solutions, ways to inspire others and start taking ownership for changing the world. The ultimate impact is a positive change in the Romanian society.

Which are the results?

  • 1120 beneficiaries;
  • Define their own leadership style;
  • Improved communication skills in conflict situations;
  • Learning about effective communication in its combinations (body language, verbal communication etc.);
  • Learning about teamwork: team building, team routine, planning and leading;
  • Developed “outside the box” thinking;
  • Learned about resilience and taking risks;
  • Learned how to manage critical situations from a positive and focused perspective;
  • Understood their strengths, weaknesses, values;
  • Receiving support on creating a career plan based on their values, strengths and weakness;
  • Brush up their knowledge in English.

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Projects 2018


Partner: Fundatia Colegium Vasile Alecsandri, echipa ByteForce
Beneficiaries: students
Location: Galati
Launch Year: 2018
Budget: 8.908,68 RON

Which is the real issue?

Innovation is not limited to the theories of science and technology accumulated via educational programs. Innovation is closely linked to creativity and skill. The need to support the community through education is becoming more and more stringent.

The solution we found:

The effort to support the projects that encourage "out of the box" thinking are constantly growing when we are surrounded by people aware of the importance of science and education in Romania. Damen Shipyards Galati supports the ByteForce robotics team participation to the First Tech Challenge Robotics Championship as well as the vision of Dean Kamen, FIRST competition founder to "transform culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated in which young people aspire to become their leaders."

Which are the results?

  • Participation of ByteForce team at the First Tech Challenge Robotics Championship;
  • Getting the PROMOTE AWARD 2nd place.

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Social Responsibility

Project: Damen beyond the ships - Investing in education and health, we invest in the future of the community

Damen Galati is a company opened to innovations, eager to get involved in the local community. The company management set up certain goals that go beyond the regular business and assume a sustained and constant involvement in satisfying the community’s primary needs and environment protection.

29 March 2019 was a day of great importance for Damen Shipyards Galati. After the BibbyWavemaster "Horizon" was launched into water, the Managing Director of Damen Shipyards Galati -Rino Brugge joined the management of Arcelor Mittal and Electric Navinstal (General Manager - Bogdan Grecu and Mrs. Simona Iosifescu from Electric Navinstal SRL) to welcome his Excellency, Hans Klemm - US Ambassador.

The meeting took place at School no. 17 in Galati, on the occasion of two projects implemented via Stiintescu Program 1st edition, a non-formal education project - STEAM, brought for the first time in Galaţi by the Community Foundation. Damen Shipyards Galati is one of the main sponsors of the Stiintescu Grant. The management encourage in this way science and "out of the box" education techniques for young people.

„The Stiintescu grant fits perfectly in our strategy of supporting education, health and community projects and we are proud to take part in this program from the very beginning. We are delighted to see that so many people today are aware of the importance of science and technical education in Romania, and that they are committed to help in any way possible. The extraordinary presence of his Excellency here and the support offered by the Romanian-American Foundation show the high level international support for this program. This also confirms that we are here in Galati on the right track. We will continue to be dedicated to the Stiintescu program and offer our support to this wonderful initiative, a perfect win-win situation that will help us groom the next great Romanian innovators in shipbuilding and steel-building.“ – mentioned Rino Brugge- Managing Director


Projects: "The drop of science", "Weather forecast without formulas", "Physiological action of certain metals and non-metals on human body", "Mathematics of aware music"

Partner: Fundatia Comunitara Galati, Fondul Stiintescu
Beneficiaries: students
Location: Galati
Launch Year: 2018
Budget: 20.000,00 lei

Which is the real issue?

In general, the society, and in particular, the local community, call for the development of personalities and critical thinking, justified on the basis of experiments, practical skills and creativity in solving constant problems. These problems are also due to the lack of communication between professors and students. Unfortunately, young people have little opportunity to put into practice their acquired notions.

The solution we found:

Fundatia Comunitara launches the Project Stiintescu with a view to bring the innovation element. This project helps teachers and pupils to rediscover their passion for science, technology, and practice the acquired theories, creating also a better relation between teachers and pupils.

Thereby, the projects, "The drop of science", "Weather forecast without formulas", "Physiological action of certain metals and non-metals on human body", "Mathematics of aware music", which are part from Stiintescu Project, help to promote applicative sciences among students in order to acquire practical skills and passion for the field of natural sciences and especially to study the skills needed in a consumer-based society. This project also aims to increase the level of culture and civilization by bringing together pupils and parents with various fields such as: medical, food, mathematics, industrial. Reducing the percentage of school dropout by carrying out these interesting scientific activities is also an objective of this project.

Which are the results?

  • More options for children
  • Exercise critical thinking and teamwork
  • A viable mechanism
  • Community movement
  • The relationship's improvement between teacher and student


Social Responsibility

Partner: Asociatia Clubul Sportiv Nauticus Models Galati
Beneficiaries: athletes
Location: Galati
Launch Year: 2018
Budget: 13.882,00 lei

Which is the real issue?

The outstanding results achieved by the Romanian athletes at international competitions led to the election of Galati as the place for this championship. Participants, arriving from 17 countries, exposed over 230 models in the University Hall. The papers were judged by a panel of 9 international referees. Winning models were awarded with medals.

The solution we found:

Sponsorship of championship with an amount of money needed to run the championship and hosting the participants.

Which are the results?

  • Campionatul Mondial Navomodele clasa C has successfully completed the anniversary exhibition 125 years of excellence in naval construction organized by Damen Galati Shipyard. Three juniors from our city won two silver medals and one bronze medal, that event represented their first participation.
  • Campionatul Mondial Navomodele clasa C was held for the first time in Galati, and was declared by the foreign participants being the best championship.


Social Responsibility

Partner: Inspectoratul judetean Galati
Beneficiaries: olympic students
Location: Galati
Launch Year: 2018
Budget: 38.500,00 lei

Which is the real issue?

Excellence in education is recognized and rewarded! Starting with 2015, "Damen" Shipyard Galati, together with the Arcelor Mittal Galati, joined forces to support local education. Annually, the two companies award the best students of Galaţi County, who ranked the first three places at the national school olympiads.

Which are the results?

  • In 2018, 43 students were rewarded, the total amount of the prizes granted by our company amounting to 38.500,00 lei.


AIESEC Galati Executive Team – About our collaboration

Testimonials AIESEC project participants

"The partnership with DAMEN Galati was a really unexpected one, but it helped us to be very close to our vision this year. Together with DAMEN, we have developed more than a partnership. They are involved most of the time in our activities, which can only be enjoyed because AIESEC's entire business has brought added value.

I must mention that the people from Damen Shipyards Galati have been a real supporter for and I can say that we have begun together to "Innovate for Education".

Watch the video

Alexandru Daniel Popa about the Project Science

Alexandru Daniel Popa, Executive Director - Fundatia Comunitara Galati

"Damen knows how to get involved in the community. Doing this in a genuine and attentive way turns him into a partner of the road. This sincere concern for the community is matched by the desire for sustainable change, like a ferryboat that goes by the road, returns back to the port with a better vision."

Alexandru Daniel Popa, Executive Director - Fundatia Comunitara Galati


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