2019, the year of challenges and innovation, cames to support the needs of the local community.

We hope that in 2020, we will meet as many requirements as possible, in order to increase the sustainability of the company and to achieve the majority of Sustainable Development Goals. Our attention will be focused on the following axes: health, education, social services and environment. As usually, all the projects must be sent on the e-mail adress: social.office.dsga@damen.com.

The general criteria set out in the strategy for the year 2019, with the view to choose the projects, will be kept. In addition, will be selected projects that meet the following Sustainable Development Goals:


2018 is the year with the most community projects. We want in 2019 to answer as many social needs as possible, so the amount of money allocated to financed projects is 400.000 Euro. Also, the most important social axes for us are: health, education, social services. All the projects must be sent on the e-mail address: social.office.dsga@damen.com.

The selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • you represent in Romania, a non-governmental and non-profit foundation or organization, who has been working for at least 1 year;
  • the organization is accredited to provide the services proposed in this project (only when accreditation is required);
  • the project is addressed to a group of people;
  • priority is given to local support projects (Galaţi County);
  • the money / material goods awarded will be used exclusively for the purpose specified in the project.

We will not grant funding to projects that:

  • do not subscribe to Damen's sponsorship directions (education, health, social services);
  • take place outside the country;
  • have the purpose of awarding scholarships, academic studies, or research to the organization's employees or beneficiaries;
  • Damen does not support actions such as humanitarian tours, conferences, camps, concerts or other cultural events;
  • have the purpose of organizing activities of a political or religious character.

Damen's representatives value the applications received according to a set of criteria such as: relevance and consistency of the project, sustainability (concrete and sustainable results), impact (proposed solution and number of beneficiaries), digital component, innovative character, contribution from candidates as well as previous experience of the applicant.


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