The DSCT Services & Repairs department has provided training, delivery, maintenance & repair assistance to countries around the globe.

Damen 32 shipbuilding and repair yards, employing 9,000 people worldwide.

DSCT has a well-established Apprenticeship Training Centre which is accredited by MerSETA and ChietaSETA. Apprentices selected for the Apprenticeship Training Centre programme have the opportunity to obtain the necessary skills in order to achieve artisan status in welding and boiler making. Further to this, apprentices are provided with a job opportunity at the same time. The first, second and third year apprentices are productive on the shop floor under the mentorship of qualified artisans until they pass their Trade Test. Once qualified, all apprentices have the opportunity to be absorbed into the business as artisans. To date, DSCT has trained 63 Apprentices of which 19 are female. DSCT’s Apprenticeship Training Centre is the true reflection of the yard’s commitment to the South African Governments economic initiative, known as Operation Phakisa, which aims to reach the full potential of the South African Maritime Sector, including shipbuilding, and to accelerate economic growth and job creation.

DSCT is proud to Build in Africa for Africa.

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