Damen Shipyards Cape Town (DSCT) builds vessels from the South East Quay (Elliot Basin) in Table Bay Harbour, Cape Town, South Africa. The Elliot Basin is used by the yard for lay-up berths, assembly and outfitting vessels and for launching smaller vessels by crane.

DSCT build vessels in both steel and aluminium and are currently building and delivering between 4 to 5 vessels per year. The yard has experience in building Tugs, Workboats and High Speed Craft. Vessels are built on order and also as stock vessels for the Damen Group stock profile. DSCT is ISO9001 certified and has a BEE rating of Level 3.

The DSCT Team manage and co-ordinate all the phases of construction at the yard including planning, logistics, construction, project management, engineering, procurement and quality control.

The DSCT workshop portfolio consists of 6 Sheds:
•Shed 1, which specialises in pipe fitting work.
•Shed 2, is one of four vessel construction sheds.
•Shed 3, is one of four vessel construction sheds.
•Shed 4, is the dedicated warehousing / stores and carpentry shed for vessel construction.
•Shed 5, - is one of the four vessel construction sheds.
•Shed 6, the biggest vessel construction shed and the most recently added to the DSCT shed portfolio. This shed is capable of building a vessel with a maximum length of 83m, a maximum beam of 15m and a maximum draught of 5.5m.

In addition to the 6 construction sheds, DSCT also boasts a state-of-the-art logistics warehouse which receives, distributes and stores vessel equipment, parts and tools.


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