Damen Shipyards Cape Town strives to be an attractive Company for people to work for and to work at. Together, we aim to create a secure working environment that values entrepreneurship, family values, excellence and of course, fun.

At Damen we know it’s not just about recruiting the right people, it’s about retaining them. We keep our employees motivated and we treat them like family. We also give everyone the opportunity to develop their own talents and skills to improve our Company. At Damen we inspire our employees to learn and grow throughout their career. We know the importance of commitment to the success and growth of our people. After all: it’s the people that are the heart of the Company.

Apprentice Training

DSCT has a well-established Apprenticeship Training Centre which is accredited by MerSETA and the ChietaSETA. Apprentices selected for the Apprenticeship Training Centre program have the opportunity to obtain the necessary skills in order to achieve artisan status in Welding and Boiler Making and they are provided with a job opportunity at the same time as they study. The second and third year apprentices are productive on the shop floor under the mentorship of qualified artisans until they pass their Trade Test.

Once qualified, all apprentices may have the opportunity to be absorbed into the business as artisans should a suitable vacancy exist and the apprentice has proven himself / herself worthy of a permanent position at Damen Cape Town. To date, DSCT has trained 63 Apprentices of which 19 are female. DSCT’s Apprenticeship Training Centre is the true reflection of the yard’s commitment to the South African Governments economic initiative, known as Operation Phakisa, which aims to reach the potential of the South African Maritime Sector, including shipbuilding, and to accelerate economic growth and job creation.

Across the board Staff Training

DSCT has positioned itself as a learning organisation which forms part of the overall philosophy of attracting and retaining the best in the field. As such, DSCT encourages all employees to better themselves with training that is relevant to their skill. Training assistance may be provided in the form of in-house or external training and in the form of study loans.

A thorough workplace skills plan is drawn up following employee appraisals and these training plans are implemented as far as possible within budget constraints. Statutory training such as Health & Safety, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Scaffolding and Crane Driver training is provided on an ongoing basis to ensure well trained, skilled and appropriately accredited personnel are on the shop floor.


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