As well as building naval vessels at its facility at Vlissingen-East in the Netherlands, Damen Naval can work with yards anywhere in the world to assist them in new building or refit projects. Many more customers prefer to use local yards these days for reasons to develop their national shipbuilding capabilities through the transfer of skills and technology. Damen Naval has responded to this by adapting its processes to enable them to benefit from Damen expertise and support while using their own preferred yards. Everything from design and manufacturing to construction and project management has been optimised for local production.

An important step before the start of any local build project is determining the capabilities of the yard involved. Once that is established, Damen can provide a suitable package based on the provision of all necessary documentation including complete drawing sets, and the delivery of materials and components on time and in sequence.

This can be done for any naval vessel. Construction can also take place in more than one yard with different modules being built at different locations and then transported to a single yard for final assembly and commissioning.


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