Damen Naval is the dedicated naval shipbuilding division of the Damen Shipyards Group, which brings together all the naval activities of the group, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

With roots stretching back almost 150 years – to the Royal Schelde yard in Vlissingen – Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, the only naval original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the Netherlands, is a core part of the Damen Naval division. Having delivered more than 400 vessels to customers all around the world, we are a trusted partner in the international marketplace, known for our role as full-service provider, or integrator, throughout the lifecycle of our products. While taking pride in our heritage, we are looking towards the future.

Damen - Oceans of Possibilities


Damen and the Royal Netherlands Navy

The Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) has been the launching customer for eight generations of Damen combatants. As a modern navy, it has consistently set new standards for operational demands on Damen’s combatants, amphibious platforms, logistic support ships and oceangoing patrol vessels.


Air Defence and Command Frigate

An outstanding platform with excellent self-defence capability and powerful air defences. Its modern AAW suite of combat systems is based on the APAR and SMART-L combination.

Sigma Frigates & Corvettes

Damen Naval is renowned for its successful series of SIGMA Naval Combatants. SIGMA vessels can accommodate specific customer platform and combat system requirements.


Sigma Fast Attack

With hulls based on the proven SIGMA series, these fast attack vessels share a common theme concerning systems layout and structural design.

Crossover Series

The Enforcer philosophy guarantees a flexible arrangement of deck spaces


Combining the successes of the ENFORCER LPDs and the SIGMA Combatant Series, Damen has created a unique class: the CROSSOVER.

Patrol Vessels

The Damen Offshore Patrol Vessel for a wide variety of tasks in regions where there is a low-level of threat.

Ocean Going Patrol Vessel

The Holland Class Ocean Going Patrol Vessel is ideal for security operations such as shipping monitoring, boarding operations and patrol duties.

Amphibious Series

Designed according to Naval Classification standards

Landing Platform Docks

Damen’s amphibious LPDs carry battalions of troops and their vehicles as well as acting as flight decks and helicopter hangars.

Landing Ship mission requirements are supporting and secondary mission tasks required by modern naval platforms of this size

Landing Ships

The Damen Landing Ship range fulfils all the traditional mission requirements in addition to support and secondary mission tasks.

The Landing Craft are particularly useful when harbour infrastructure

Landing Craft

Experience has shown that Damen Landing Craft are extremely adaptable. They are particularly effective at providing aid and support in areas lacking harbour infrastructure.


Logistic Support Vessels

The Damen Naval Support series offers cost-effective, flexible and highly capable additions to any fleet.

Joint Support Ship

The Joint Support Ship is a robust multifunctional platform for maritime support, strategic sealift and sea-based missions.

Hydrographic Survey Vessels

These cost-effective vessels can conduct a wide variety of hydrographic survey duties for military and commercial purposes.

Product Lifecycle User Support (PLUS)

To support our customers, Damen Naval has developed a wide-ranging Product Lifecycle Support (PLUS+) portfolio. With this, Damen Naval aims to provide its clients with a one-stop-shop for the highest operational availability of their vessels, along with the lowest, controllable lifecycle costs.

The benefits of the PLUS+ approach are many and diverse. Our support is tailored to match precisely the requirements of our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of a vessel, covering the provision of technical support, maintenance and repair where required, or the transfer of knowledge needed for the client to perform such tasks themselves.

Our global network ensures our clients of support, including fast spare parts availability, anywhere in the world, for vessels and associated infrastructure.

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DSNS has responded to this by adapting its processes to enable them to benefit from Damen expertise and support

Local Building

As well as building naval vessels at its facility at Vlissingen-East in the Netherlands, Damen Naval can work with yards anywhere in the world to assist them in new building or refit projects.

Refit and Conversion department responds to global market demands by offering flexibility and unbeatable technical and commercial solutions

Refit & Conversion

Damen Naval’s Refit and Conversion department responds to global market demands by offering flexibility and unbeatable technical and commercial solutions. We specialise in Refits, Conversions, Upgrades, Modifications, Midlife Modernisations and Life Extensions.

Career opportunities

The naval division is part of the Damen Shipyards Group, the largest employer in the shipbuilding business in the Netherlands, currently employing approximately 13.000 people, working in 36 companies all over the world.

Shipyard Facilities


With its production facilities and adapted organisational approach in state-of-the-art shipbuilding, Damen Naval has every reason to look forward to a healthy continuation of its long tradition.

With its production facilities and adapted organizational approach in state-of-the-art shipbuilding

Damen Naval has two main construction and outfitting facilities, one in 'Vlissingen City' and one in the Industrial Area 'Vlissingen East'.

Over the last years, the facilities of Damen Naval have gone through a comprehensive restructuring and newbuilding process and can now be ranked among the highest standard available in the industry.

2004 saw the completion of the cover of Dock 2, in which large vessels, such as Landing Platform Docks can be constructed and overhauled. Since 2006 major investments have been made at the Vlissingen East facility, such as the installation of new machinery in the welding hall, the construction of a new central store building and a dedicated store for steel plates and pipes (completed in 2009). Assembly Hall 2 was extended in 2009. In this hall, the frigates for the Royal Moroccan Navy were assembled at greenfield level, a construction method well proven in the construction of super yachts at the Vlissingen City site.

Large Dock

Large Dock
Dimensions hall LxBxH (m) (breadth between fender) 218x34x24.8
Dimension dock lxB (m)
Floor (m) 5.9 - Harbour water level
Quay (m) 2.3 + Harbour water level
Overhead cranes 3x 50T

Dock 1: Graving Dock

Dock 1: Graving Dock
Floor 7.02/7.6-NAP, door threshold 6.55 m-NAP.
Dimension LxB (m)
(breadth between fender)

Quay (m) 4.5 + NAP, dock edge 5 m. + NAP
One tower crane max. cap. 55/18 T on 17.6/36 m. spread max. hoisting height 31 m
One wipper crane max. cap. 32 T on max. 35 m. spread max. hoisting height 45 m

Dock 2: Covered Graving Dock

Dock 2 Covered Graving Dock
Dimensions LxB (m) (breadth between fender) 215x29.8
Hall LxBxH (m)
Floor (m) 77.95/8.65-NAP, door threshold 7.6 m. –NAP
Quay (m) 4.78 +NAP, dock edge 5 m +NAP
Two overhead cranes each 2x75T

Dock 3: Floating Panamax Dock

Dock 3 Floating Panamax Dock
Dimension LxB (m) 204.4x36.4, net pontoon deck excl. anchor steps
Max. water level above blocks (m)
Cranes on dock sides, each side 1 "wipper" max. 12T. on 22m. spread
One crane on dock jetty cap 40/12.5T on 28/45 m. spread max. hoisting height 38 m. + rail

Hall 1: Section Building Hall

Hall 1: Section buildng hall
Dimension LxBxH (m) 89.8x35x34.3 free space steel construction
Two overhead cranes each 2x25T cat. max. hoisting height 28m. bottom crane body 31.4m + floor
Four gantry cranes each cap. 10T, hoisting height 14 and 16 mtr.
Door opening eastside BxH (m) 35x30
Sliding door westside (m) 6x6

Prefabrication Hall

Section Preperation Hall
Dimension hall LxBxH (m) 2 sheds each 45x50x11 free space steel construction, Store 60x50x11, Piping 90x24x9
2 pc. Upper course cranes: plate hall cap. 2x12.5T. max. hoisting. 8.7m
Half landing crane over plate street "FRO" 10T. hoisting. 6.2 m.
Plate turning station cap. 20T. max. hoisting height 18m

Hall 2: Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall 2
Dimensions hall LxBxH (m) 210x38x32 free space steel construction
two 2x50T one 2*25T hoisting height 26m
Door opening north/southside BxH (m) 36x25 - 36x31
Sliding door - westside - BxH (m) 2 pcs. 20x12


Dimensions hall LxB (m) 60x60

Blast and Paintshop

Paint Shop
Free drive through height in the hall (m) 12
Door blasting to spray hall (BxH) (m)
Climate controlled area LxB (m)
20x19, outer door frame BxH=19x12 m.c
Gritblasting LxB (m)
40x20, outer door frame BxH=20x12 m.
Sprayhall LxB (m)
40x20, outer door frame BxH=20x12 m.
Sprayhall LxB (m)
20x19, outer door frame BxH=19x12 m.


Numerous quays at sufficient depth




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