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Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam is a family-owned, client-focused shipbuilder. We specialise in the newbuild, maintenance, repair & conversion of vessels for the fishery and workboat sectors.

Our story begins in 1948. It was then that Piet Maaskant and his sons opened a repair yard to serve the mussel and shrimp fleets working out of Bruinisse on the Dutch North Sea coast.

From the start, we held the ambition to develop our services in order to exceed the expectations of our clients. Conscious of our heritage, this a philosophy that guides us still. Over the years we grew our offering to include the construction of the innovative, high quality, engineered-to-order newbuild vessels that we have become renowned for.

Today, we remain at the heart of our fishing community, supported by an extensive, professional local supply chain and by our skilled employees, many of whom are the second, or even third generation of their families to work at our yard.

As part of the Damen Shipyards Group, fully merged with the Damen Fishing Product Group, we are expanding our current markets and setting sail into new ones on the international stage.

As a family business, we believe in the development of strong, cohesive relationships. We are proud of the long-lasting associations we have with our customers and industry partners – considering these a measure of our success. It iOur facilities ensure our capability to perform the quality construction, maintenance and conversion of our clients’ vessels. This includes our three drydocks with a lifting capacity up to 3,500 tonnes.

Additionally, our in-house Service & Repair Team provides round-the-clock support to keep customers underway at all times.

It is our aim to become market leaders in the development and production of innovative and sustainable vessels for the cultivation, harvesting and catching of fish from the sea. In this way we intend to secure the future of our industry for the generations to come.

Fishing Vessels

Damen Beam Trawler 4109

Beam Trawlers

Damen Beam Trawlers are provided with efficient fishing gear operated on both sides of the vessel.

Damen Crab Catcher preview

Crab Catcher

The Damen Crab Catcher uses the safest methods to catch and process the catch for optimal quality.

Live Fish Carrier

The Damen Live Fish Carrier is specially designed for the transport of live fish for aquaculture in both sheltered waters and offshore.

The ballast system will allow the owner to continue fishing even if wave heights reach 2,5 m.

Shellfish Dredgers

Our Shellfish Dredgers are specially designed to work in shallow waters whilst still providing excellent seakeeping characteristics. In tidal zones our vessels make maximum use of the water available.

Factory Trawlers

The Damen Factory Trawlers have excellent loading capacity, fuel efficiency and sea keeping characteristics.

Damen Sea Fisher 2608 Stern Trawler

Sea Fishers

The extensive Sea Fisher range offers safe, economic and sustainable vessels for coastal and deep sea fishing operations.

Harbour & Terminal

damen azimuth stern drive tug 3212 (preview)

Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs

Damen’s ASD Tugs combine power and manoeuvrability with a safe onboard working environment. Together, tug and crew form an excellent team.

ATD Tugboat 2412 Twin Fin for harbours, locks and coastal areas.

Azimuth Tractor Drive Tugs

With Rolls-Royce twin rudder propellers our wide range of ATD Tugs demonstrates excellent manoeuvrability, high indirect towing forces and great stability.

Damen Stan Tug 2608

Stan Tugs

Damen’s Stan Tugs are multi-functional, standardised vessels that can be customised to meet our customers’ exact specifications.


Damen FCS 2710

Fast Crew Suppliers

Purpose-built for the transport of crew and equipment, quickly and safely in rivers, harbours, coastal waters and offshore.

The principle of working over the aft deck ensures that the bow/superstructure provides protection from the elements.

Buoy Laying Vessel

Our Buoy Laying Vessels handle and maintain navigational aids in coastal and offshore waters.

The search vessels are fitted with dedicated safety standby equipment.

Safety Standby Vessel

Highly effective for standby, emergency and rescue operations, this vessel has a highly efficient propulsion layout and excellent seakeeping.

Offshore vessels with a dedicated design for the support of seismic research services

Seismic Research Support Vessels

Damen has developed proven designs for dedicated seismic research support.

Damen Reseach Vessel 2510

Research Vessels

Damen Research Vessels support and perform a wide range of research operations including seismic, hydrographic, oceanographic and fishery surveys.



Our facilities enable us to work during every weather condition.
Length 500 m
Max draft
6 m
Cranes 1
Cranage 30 t

Dry dock 1

Length: 50 m, Breadth: 10 m, Lifting capacity: 500 tons
Length 50 m
10 m
Max draft 6 m
Lifting capacity 500 tons

Dry dock 2

Length: 50 m, Breadth: 18 m, Lifting capacity: 2000 tons
Length 50 m
18 m
Max draft 5.5 m
Lifting capacity 2500 tons

Dry dock 3

Length: 76 m, Breadth: 32 m, Depth: 6 m, Lifting capacity: 3500 tons
Length 79.5 m
17 m
Max draft 6 m
Lifting capacity 3500 tons

Machine shops

Our machine shops are well equipped to train our teams and to provide any service pour customers need.

We have a multiple machine shops at our disposal at our yard. With these extensive facilities, tools and our years of knowledge and experience we can build, converse, repair, maintain and revise all types of vessels. We are also specialised in the manufacture of special constructions that occur in the maritime industry, from the dredging industry to the offshore industry.

Well equipped to execute every job

At our workplaces we have six different turning lathes to construct propeller shafts from 1,5 meters to 8 meters. Recently we have added a CNC lathe (2500mm x 500 mm) to our machine shop. With the variety of lathes our machine shops have the capacity to execute any type of construction, welding or drilling.


As an official Caterpillar service point we offer prompt after-sales services for re-engineering, overhauls, repair and maintenance jobs of all types of Caterpillar propulsion- and generator motors.

Diesel Services

As an official Caterpillar service point we offer prompt after-sales services for re-engineering, overhauls, repair and maintenance jobs of all types of Caterpillar propulsion- and generator motors.

Whether damage occurs through a collision, fire or because of malfunctioning equipment, we have the experience and the knowledge to repair it. In the past we have worked with almost all of the certification companies, underwriters and insurance companies.


We offer our clients the full range of services a shipowner might require, whether it concerns normal dry dockings for scheduled maintenance, damage repair or extensive refit and conversion jobs.

We have experience, knowledge and facilities available to implement all required conversions.


We offer our clients the full range of services that a ship owner might require, whether it concerns normal dry dockings for scheduled maintenance, damage repair or extensive refit and conversion jobs.

Quality standards

ISO 9001 : 2015

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Download our latest certificate ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001 : 2015

Certificate ISO 14001:2015 + SCCM

Download our latest certificate ISO 14001:2015 + SCCM

scc** 2017 : 6.0

Certificate SCC** 2017:6.0

Download our latest certificate SCC** 2017:6.0

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