Our Purpose
What is the reason for our existence?

damen green solutions - mission, vision & strategy

Seventy percent of the Earth is made up of water. Water connects worlds and allows us to discover. To trade. To provide help. To produce food and generate energy. To relax and enjoy.

In order to ensure global prosperity for the next generations and keep the earth habitable with an ever-increasing world population, it is essential that we use the water and the seabed as optimally, but also as responsibly, as possible.

Oceans, seas, lakes and rivers offer us enormous possibilities. Damen offers unprecedented solutions to utilise and protect these possibilities, with good stewardship for Earth, nature and the environment.

Our Mission
Who are we and what do we stand for?

By expanding our leading position in standardisation and serial construction in shipbuilding, we provide our clients worldwide with state-of-the-art maritime solutions to responsibly and efficiently utilise the increasing possibilities that oceans, seas, lakes and rivers offer to humanity. We are a family-owned business and stand for fellowship, craftmanship, entrepreneurship and stewardship. In every aspect of our business the next generation is our starting point.

Our Vision
What are our goals and how do we engage with the world?

Oceans, seas, lakes and rivers offer humanity a growing range of possibilities in the areas of trade, food, energy and recreation. With a growing world population, it is essential to utilise and protect these possibilities not only as efficiently, but also as sustainably as possible. At Damen, we provide maritime solutions for this. Inventive ships that raise the standard in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency, ease of use and sustainability.

Versatile platforms that enable our customers worldwide to be successful in a responsible way. In fact, we want to become the most sustainable shipbuilders in the world. Our ambitions lie in circular construction and zero-emission sailing. Digitalising our platforms is a precondition for achieving the latter.

In the previous century, we revolutionised shipbuilding. Thanks to standardisation and series construction, we were able to supply our customers with better ships faster. More than 6,000 ships later, those pillars are unchanged. Their importance is only increasing in the light of sustainability and digitialisation. It is not efficient to find new solutions for every ship to get them ‘green’ and ‘connected’.

Based on our vision of circular, cradle-to-cradle, building, we offer Ship-as-a-Service concepts, in which clients pay for use and not for ownership. In this way we keep control over the entire product lifecycle: from design, engineering, construction and maintenance to the recycling of our ships.

We do not build our ships alone, but together with an extensive network from the worldwide maritime cluster. As main contractor, we are system integrators par excellence. That’s why we firmly believe in the power of sharing. It means that we also use our craftsmanship to build platforms at production facilities that are not ours. In this way, through knowledge transfer, we not only contribute to better, safer and more eco-friendly ships, but also to sustainable local development and prosperity.

As a family business, we operate independently of stock prices and hypes. Our playing field is the world. Our horizon is the long term. We firmly believe in fellowship, but also in the strength of the individual. Each colleague is an entrepreneur, focused on ensuring truly satisfied clients and making our contribution to a better world for the generations to come.


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