Damen Engineering Saint Petersburg

Damen Engineering Saint Petersburg opened in July 2019. This company delivers basic and detailed engineering services for shipbuilding projects with focus on semi- and custom-built vessels and on-site support.

Today Damen Engineering Saint Petersburg employs trained and experienced shipbuilders, with a focus on shipbuilding, mechanical and electrical engineers. All of these employees have studied at top Russian universities and gained experience during participation in designing and building major marine projects in Russia. The company combines the deep knowledge of Russian engineering together with Dutch know how. It aims to meet clients’ expectations on quality, time and costs.

To offer high-quality services, Damen Engineering Saint Petersburg is continuously investing in team members’ education and working environments.

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  • Petrogradskaya embankment, 16А, of. 501a
  • 197046 St Petersburg
  • Russia

Services Portfolio

Damen Engineering LLC basic engineering services


During the design check and basic engineering, the functional requirements are translated into technical solutions. These are input for class and flag approval. During this phase we cooperate with the customer and co-makers to ensure the vessel is fit for purpose and meets all requirements.

Damen Engineering LLC detail engineering services


The technical solutions that are defined in basic engineering are translated into detailed information on hull modelling, outfitting, ship systems, routing and accommodation outfitting items by the 3D modelling of the vessel. From the 3D model, the necessary information is generated to steer the manufacturing process, which, in the end, leads to a product that is fit for purpose.

Damen Engineering Saint Petersburg building assistance


After delivering the engineering information our team can support during the construction phase either on-site or remotely with a broad range of activities.


Whether it's a simple question or you need assistance with your Damen product, we believe great things can start with a small conversation.

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