Damen Dredging Equipment R&D

 Damen Dredging Equipment Research and Development team cooperated with national and international customers

At Damen Dredging Equipment we have our own R&D team, that is dedicated to innovative dredging solutions. The main aim is to boost dredging efficiency and our many projects show how successful we are. We not only create new designs, we also keep improving our existing products and parts by listening closely to our customers and by taking current technological trends into account. The thorough testing period our vessels and parts undergo results in an extensive knowledge base.

Applied research

In line with the Damen philosophy, we test our products very thoroughly to assure they fulfil the highest standards on quality and efficiency. This also includes modelling the specific processes involved in the equipment. In order to gain insight in these processes, we have our own testing facilities including a dredge pump test circuit, a soil research laboratory and a hopper loading and discharge model. Ongoing research projects advance the knowledge base of the processes in our products and assist in developing new products that are based on the latest process models.

Purpose based development

innovative dredging solutions

As the dredge pump is at the heart of our dredgers, we develop our dredge pumps in house, with our own software, based on the applied research. The designs are further verified with accepted CFD solvers and ultimately tested under dredging circumstances. Our designs have an excellent efficiency combined with a large spherical passage and low wear patterns leading to a high production and little downtime. Other developments based on our research are for instance improved drag heads and new applications for our DOP® pumps.

Innovation through cooperation

To be at the top, you need to innovate. And to develop and implement the best innovations you need to work together. Sharing knowledge is one of the most important conditions to stimulate the development of the best possible products. Several projects are executed in close cooperation with the other research teams within the Damen company to assure that the knowledge within the Damen organisation is evenly distributed and on the same high level. Also, the Damen Dredging Equipment Research and Development team cooperated with national and international customers, independent research organisations, including the renowned dredging section of the Technical University Delft, MARIN, suppliers, classification societies and dredging associations.


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