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Ship repairs are offered from our locations in Sharjah, Dubai and Fujairah. With all major trades in-house we offer steel, aluminum, mechanical, carpentry, blasting, painting, hydraulic and electric repairs mainly carried out by our own staff.

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Dry Docking & Repairs

Dockings up to 130m LOA

Our largest operation, Albwardy Damen - Sharjah is conveniently located in the Sharjah Hamriyah Free-zone with unrestricted access to the sea. Just like Dubai, this yard is ideally positioned for easy access to all seven Emirates as well as providing connections to neighboring Gulf States closer to the Straits of Hormuz.

Designed and built to the highest technical and environmental standards, the spacious new yard is located on a huge 210,000 square metre site with a fully enclosed blasting/painting shop as well as a covered newbuild construction hall. We have all major trades in-house, including an extensive and experienced engineering department. With a 120x26MTR shiplift, ambient docking space as well as 1000 metres of quayside with a water depth of up to 8 metres, we are serving all operators in the region operating vessels up to 120 metres.

Drydockings are also offered from Dubai and Fujairah. Our operation in Dubai offers drydocking repairs in Al Jadaf as well as Dubai Maritime City where we can dock vessels up to 130 x 30 metres in size.

Our mechanical teams offer in-house repairs to all main, auxiliary and propulsion equipment of all major suppliers. We also provide a service and maintenance hub for Damen built vessels.


Length Breadth
Synchro Lift 120.0 m 26.5 m


Length Breadth
Synchro Lift 135.0 m 33.0 m


Length Breadth
Travel lift 35.0 m 7.0 m


All types of vessels

We have a great deal of experience with large and small conversion jobs. The open sea access and the spacious and efficient layout of our Albwardy Damen facility is particularly well-suited to mobilization and demobilization of equipment and the carrying out of complex conversions.

Our in-house engineers have the experience to carry out the basic and production designs necessary for conversions. Recent experience includes conversion of cable laying, well stimulation and supply vessels, as well as large hydraulic projects, upgrading of vessels with dynamic positioning systems, conversion of dredgers and offshore utility vessels for oceanographic surveys.

Super Yacht repairs and maintenance

Superyacht maintenance

For over 10 years Albwardy Damen has carried out maintainance on the ever larger selection of superyachts visiting the UAE. Our Services are mainly related to technical maintenance such as:

  • Dry dockings and Antifouling
  • Shafting and Propellers
  • Main engines and generator overhauls
  • Engine room Maintenance and refits
  • Piping and stainless steel

Super Yacht repairs

  • Dry dockings and Antifouling
  • Shafting and Propellers
  • Engine room Maintenance and refits
  • Piping and stainless steel

Cruise vessel maintenance – afloat

Our experienced teams regularly support cruise vessels visting UAE ports with their maintenance. Making maximum use of the UAE port call is our aim while ensuring the highest levels of safety, quality and of course housekeeping.

Our services include:

  • Engineroom maintenance
  • Piping renewals and/or refits
  • Deck maintenance
  • Stainless steel polishing
  • Electrical repairs and trouble shooting
  • In water Surveys, hull cleaning and propeller polishing by our diving team

Oil & Gas

Within the oil & gas business line we focus on repairs and conversion of assets such as rigs, complex offshore ships etc. We are certified to ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and API and pre-Qualified by all major rig operators in the region. Our 2014 opened yard allows us to do things safe, fast and efficient. Projects carried out to date include SPM refurbishments, Lift boat refurbishments Leg/Bracing repairs, and overhauls of offshore cranes.

Blasting and Painting

Albwardy Damen has a long history in blasting and painting of vessels and offshore construction.

Applications of all paint systems will be applied according the highest quality standards as described by the paint manufacturers.

No job to big or too small. Whether it is a Name Change, A new Funnel Logo, full dry-dock applications or tank coating, Albwardy Damen has all solutions available across all our locations.


Our in-house carpentry division executes work on new building vessel, offshore units as well repair and conversion projects. Works will be carried out under the highest quality levels to ensure the best results.

The strength of this division is that it has the capacity to take care of your interior entirely. We deliver a complete package including tailor made furniture, insulation, floors, floor finishes, furnishing, professional kitchen equipment and everything you need to complete your interior.

Machining services

Our workshops are equipped with a range of modern machine tools, including large horizontal and vertical boring machines, pipes bending and rolling equipment, CNC machines and equipment for the dynamic balancing of rotating machinery.

Other capabilities include:

  • Shaft and propeller repairs
  • Stainless steel shaft repairs (ABS/LR approved)
  • Dynamic balancing of rotating machinery
  • A comprehensively equipped workshop with lathes, boring machines, milling machines, band saws, CNC cutting machines, steel rolling machines, hydraulic presses and guillotines, and laser alignment equipment.

Mechanical services

Mechanical services are offered at the yards itself as well afloat. With experienced engineers works on all main, auxiliary, deck and propulsion system are executed in the most professional way.

Works include:

  • Main and auxiliary engine overhaul (2 and 4 stroke engines)
  • Auxiliary equipment overhaul
  • Propulsion repairs and overhauls (fixed pitch, CPP as well thrusters)
  • Repairs on all deck equipment

Electrical Services

Albwardy Damen has its own in-house electrical department providing various electrical services including the rewinding of electrical motors of up to 1800 KVA capacity.

Electrical services

  • Rewinding of AC/DC motors and generators up to 1800kVA
  • Automation and instrumentation trouble-shooting
  • Electrical wiring
  • Installation and modification of main switch boards and control panels
  • Installation of DP systems
  • Major electrical conversions
  • Calibration of safety devices and circuit breakers

Hydraulic Services

Our modern and well equipped workshops are run by a dedicated team of professionals with many years of experience, capable of providing hydraulicservices.

Hydraulic Services

  • Building and commissioning of hydraulic power packs
  • Repair and maintenance of hydraulic power packs for winches, cranes, capstans, cargo pumps, lifts, valves and stabilisers
  • Overhauling of cylinders
  • General troubleshoot and inspections
  • Installation of hydraulic equipment
  • Fabrication and installation of hydraulic lines
  • Flushing of installations

CNC Pipe Shop

Russian Piping Project

We are currently producing a large Volume of Pipe spools for 2 Ice breaking supply vessels which are being constructed in Russia. The total project consist of 800 tonnes of pipe spools, which is 32,000 pieces of pipe spools. The total project plan is for a span of 2 years.

Our pipe shop facility has been upgraded to cope with this large volume including an Automatic pipe cutting machine. We are producing an average of 50 spools per day, we even produced 100+ spools per day when we had a request to speed up the production from end user.

Proper work preparation is done by engineering prior to issuing spools drawings for final production, and spools are fabricated based on the isometric drawings. Cadmatic output for bending of pipe spools are directly fed in to the bending machine for accurate bending of spools.

Each pipe spools are inspected by our Quality Engineer during different stages of production, then pressure tested, few of them need to be inspected by a Surveyor.

After QC inspections, pipe spools are sent for the Processing Stage in which pipe spools are Blasted, Galvanized, Pickled, then painted with one layer of primer. Then each spools are sent to next stage for Name tagging, then segregated for the packing requirements.

Pipe spools are carefully packed in Wooden Boxes, we introduced BarCode Scanning Technology to ease and accurate the preparation of packing list for each Boxes. There are total 90 Containers to be sent to Russia to complete the logistics of these spools. Almost every week a container should leave our Yard.

This project looks very simple but required high attention and coordination to have right quality spools with right name tags are sent on time as per agreed planning.


Whether it's a simple question or you need assistance with your Damen product, we believe great things can start with a small conversation.

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