Albwardy Damen Diving has been serving the marine industry since 1995. Our diving hub is located in Fujairah Port, however, our diving teams serve all UAE ports and anchorages. In addition to the UAE we also send teams to Africa and can carry out our full range of diving services in the Sultanate of Oman.

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Albwardy Damen Diving

Albwardy Damen Diving was founded in 1995 due to the demand for vessel maintenance without drydocking. We have invested in the very latest diving and underwater maintenance equipment. This ensures the highest standards of safety and workmanship. The division currently has a team of more than 25 certified commercial divers. Ongoing training has led to six divers now being HSE1 qualified and two trained for underwater welding. Our diving hub is located in the Port of Fujairah and we operate two customised diving boats to support our underwater teams.

UWILD Surveys

Albwardy Damen Diving is approved by the majority of classification societies to carry out Under Water Inspection in Lou of Drydock (UWILD) surveys; a cost effective alternative to drydocking a vessel for a bottom survey.


In cases where vessels must go into drydock for major work; a pre-docking service is available to completely clean a hull of fouling and loose paint. This is a very popular service that can save up to two days of drydock time.

In-Water Repairs

Albwardy Damen Diving offers a variety of in-water repair services including sea chest blanking, stress crack relieving, anode retrofits, and wet and dry welding applications. Utilising a range of open and closed cofferdams, we are able to crop corroded/pitted bottom shell plating and dry-weld new steel plate inserts whilst the vessel is afloat. These renewals are to class requirements and are a permanent repair. Our highly trained divers are able to carry out detailed damage surveys enabling precise repairs to be made. In-water repairs can save valuable time and money by avoiding the need to drydock.

Anchor recovery on UAE and Oman anchorages

One of Albwardy Damen specialized capabilities is anchor and chain recoveries. We have an almost 100% retrieval record for Anchors lost completely with the chain. Our equipment and personnel for anchor and chain cable recovery is kept in Fujairah but as it is mobile we can provide this service anywhere in the middle east area.

Propeller Polishing

Increased fuel consumption can often result from badly fouled propellers. If not polished correctly, the fouling quickly re-establishes itself on a rough propeller. Albwardy Damen Diving uses the very latest in hydraulic polishing machinery, with a selection of intermediate and fine grain polishing pads. This deliver a polished finish to the highest standards of less than One Micron C.L.A. This is equivalent to Rubert Grade 'A'. Close up and stand-off photography is provided to demonstrate the standard of polishing carried out.

Underwater Hull Cleaning (including Silicone Paints)

It is well known that marine growth left on a vessel's hull can increase fuel costs by up to 15%. It is equally important that whilst removing growth, care must be taken not to damage the antifouling paintwork. Coupled with our divers' experience and the very latest in hydraulic, motorised hull cleaning machines - the "Triton V" - we are able to safely clean a hull without causing any damage to the underlying paintwork. The "Triton V" machine is equipped with three rotating brushes which are fully adjustable for correct brush pressure against the ship’s hull. The operational speed is high; allowing for the complete cleaning of a VLCC with two machines in less than 12 hours. We have also undergone extensive testing with paint manufacturers and are approved to clean silicone based foul release paint.

Service Standards

These are just some of the many operations that Albwardy Diving Services undertakes for its customers. The division is committed to providing the best possible service while at the same time offering outstanding value for money, in the safest and most environmentally friendly way. This is demonstrated by Albwardy Damen’s accreditation to ISO9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 by Lloyds Register.

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