Damen is a family owned business that stands for fellowship, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and stewardship. We believe that our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers offer humanity a growing range of possibilities in terms of trade, food, energy and recreation. We provide maritime solutions to meet these opportunities, through design, shipbuilding, ship repair and related services.

In the previous century, we revolutionised shipbuilding with standardisation and serial production. More than ninety years and 6,000 ships later, those pillars are unchanged. Their importance is only growing with the need for increased sustainability and digitalisation. It is our aim to combine our proven standardisation with the innovations of digitalisation to become the world’s most sustainable shipbuilder.

At Damen, it's all about ships - it's what we do, it's who we are

Our Mission & Vision

State-of-the-art solutions for a responsible maritime future.

Damen’s unique shipbuilding concept is based on what our customers want

How we work

Damen’s unique shipbuilding concept provides the means to deliver our customers rapid delivery of proven, connected platforms ready for the sustainable maritime future.

Damen's standardisation policy allows us to reduce delivery times substantially

The Damen Standard

Damen's policy of standardisation allows us to substantially reduce delivery times and guarantee reliability, paving the way for increasingly efficient operations.

Our Customer Finance facilities are not just for privately owned, small and medium-sized companies

Key figures

Damen has some impressive numbers on show. Read about them here.

Damen is a multinational company that has never lost its family values or its deep respect for its maritime heritage

A Family History

Although Damen has grown rapidly into an international company, we have never lost our family values or deep respect for our maritime heritage.

Damen is a globally operating company, but we are never far away

Global Presence

Damen is a globally operating company, so we are never far away. We always give our customers a single point of contact.



Whether it's a simple question or you need assistance with your Damen product, we believe great things can start with a small conversation.

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