Damen was established by two brothers back in 1927. Today, with more than 12,000 employees, Damen Shipyards Group has earned a leading position in the shipbuilding world. We have become an international company, but, at heart, we are still a family company with family values and a deep respect for our maritime heritage.

A modest start

In 1922, the two Damen brothers, Jan and Rien, started building boats in a shed next to the family home in Hardinxveld, the Netherlands. Five years later they formalised the company as Damen Brothers. It remained a small, yet prominent, company for more than 40 years.

New work method key to success

In 1969 Kommer Damen bought the company from his father and introduced the concept of modular construction to build small boats and launches. This concept of standardisation (known today as The Damen Standard) generated clear advantages: fast delivery times, reduced costs and proven designs. The concept was an immediate success and in 1973 the company expanded to larger facilities in Gorinchem.

Today the company has more than 8,000 employees working around the world

Global activities

Due to Netherlands’s strategic position for the dredging industry, Damen built workboats and auxiliary equipment. These workboats soon gained an excellent reputation in many foreign markets and Kommer Damen saw the potential for export.

The steady growth continued as Damen took over numerous yards specialising in niche markets. This led to the establishment of partnerships and business cooperations with yards all over the world.

Damen today

Since the introduction of the modular shipbuilding concept, Damen has delivered more than 6,500 vessels. Today, Damen Shipyards Group operates in many shipbuilding sectors and has gained a prominent and trusted standing throughout the world.

With a global workforce numbering more than 12,000, Damen builds a wide variety of standard hulls for stock at dedicated shipyards in strategic locations. Production capacity is up to 180 vessels per year.

Damen does more than build ships – it also has an international network of lifecycle support services that includes maintenance and repair & conversion facilities.


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